LUCITE BANGLES, New York......Henri Bendel

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  1. Where can I get cute lucite bangles online or in California ??? Went on a trip to Bendel NYC last week, ohhh they're so yummie and colorful. But, I forgot to buy this thick clear one and it has kinda glittery dotsy inside, so cuteee.... It's like Cameron Diaz ones on TRL recently.

    I prefer the good quality ones but not over exp. Below $80. I noticed that good lucites are heavier than H&M or Forever 21 ones.
  2. I saw some large lucite bangles at my local Saks here in Birmingham a couple of weeks ago. They were various shapes, but they were really cute. I think they were in the price range you're talking about, around $50-$75. I'm sorry, I don't recall a brand name, they were just sitting on top of one of the display cases. Its worth calling your local Saks. Hope this helps!
  3. My Nordstrom's has a TON of lucite bangles around, I looked at them yesterday. I'm in love with the Inclusion line from LV..they're more expensive but I've been into it for a couple of years now so you can bet I won't be losing interest in them too fast lol.

    Here are some: