lucille pm??

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  1. i heard this has been discontinued, but i just saw eluxury has posted the beige one for sale for $900. why has it gone up so much and is it really discontinued... meaning if i were to try and avoid eBay i'd have to purchase from elux? i really want the denim/black one but have no idea where to find an auth one. any help please! thanks!
  2. Yeah the Mono Mini line is discontinued now (and gave way to the Mini Lin line). eBay would be your best bet now I believe.
  3. Black is my favourite mini mono colour. I have a besace Mary Kate in that colour and I love it. This bag is discontinued...whatever they have on eLux is just leftover stock. I guess you could try to call 866 and see if they can find a black one for you...but i do see these (black Lucille PM) pop up on eBay once in awhile for okay prices...
  4. In regard to the Lucille PM, can anyone let me know for sure if black was a color made in 05? I love this bag and occasionally see it but someone told me it never came in black? Thanks!