Lucille PM TST question

  1. Can this be used as a briefcase?..Well not really but to carry papers, notepads and books in? It wouldn't be too heavy on the handles would it? (just because i'm 5'4", 120 lbs, I think this would make an easier shoulder bag than the GM because the GM is taller and i'm a shorty)
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  3. I have the GM which I use for work and it fits papers just fine. I am 5 feet tall BTW! I think it looks great on the shoulder, or carried on the elbow or hand carried - I do all three. :yes:
  4. ooh okay, phew! I thought the GM would be HUGE...haha
  5. I love the GM it can hold so many things, IMO it's perfect for school
  6. That's great!! :nuts: I can't decide on a color :hysteric:
  7. Dark blue TST is my favorite, I also like the regular blue.
  8. I'm no where near a LV and elux only has the black, red, beige and khaki :search:
  9. I have the Khaki TST and it's gorgeous!
  10. I hope it doesn't get dirty easily :s I'm leaning towards the khaki, it's stunning!
  11. i have a josephine in this color and i love it!!! blue TST:yahoo: