Lucille PM.. Now or Later??

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To wait or Buy Now?? or not at all

  1. Let-Trade/Ebay

  2. Vuitton Now!!

  3. The Bag is so-so...

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  1. Ok.. This is a crazy question, and the answer I probably obvious, but I just need a push in the right direction. I am currently obsessing over the Mini Mono Lucille PM in Noir. There is one being held for me by a LV store right now for $860 + tax + shipping... or should I wait till one pops up on let-trade/ebay??? Mind you, the one I have on hold is the last one in the U.S... and I missed out on the one on EBay 'cuz stupid me decided to wait instead of hitting the BIN!!!! Opinions please?? Oh yes, for those who don't know, the Mono Mini is officially discontinued!!!)
  2. i would get it now rather than waiting. if you can afford it, it's definitely well worth the money for a brand new one from the store.
  3. Sorry you missed the auction:sad: ...but yeah Noir is a bit rare on ebay,they're usually the cherry ones. I'll say get it from the boutique NOW if you cannot wait:noworry: and moreover it's the last one:wtf:
  4. I'd wait, personally. Plus let-trade can search for one, if you leave a message at the website or contact him !
  5. I would buy it now. Personally I would much rather buy something new from the boutique and know for sure that it is 100% authentic then buy a used one off of ebay.
  6. I've actually contacted Let-Trade this past weekend and he said that he doesn't have any in stock but he might have it in the future... which is why I'm in a bit of a pickle right now... :shrugs:
  7. Ah I see.. it's all up to you, you can save or get a brand new one.

    Your dog is really cute.. !!
  8. get it from the store definitely.
  9. Thank you!! hehee.. I loveyour hamster too! I have this 'thing' for fuzzy animals.. I have to pet them when I see them. :nuts:
  10. Me too, it's my weakness - after Vuitton that is ! :graucho:
  11. i think you should get it now! why wait if you love? I don't like 2nd hand bags or even if they claim its new its not the same as the ones at the boutiques!
  12. I would get the one from the store =D
  13. get it now before its too late becuase the MM line is going to be replaced so ur lucille probably is teh last one u'll find!!!!!
  14. I think you should get it from the store if you have $$,otherwise you will kick yourself when it's not available anymore. The color is hard to find at Ebay because people who have this color won't sell it..
  15. Ok, a sales associate from that store (it was actually Laurence's store, but he's not there today) called me up and told me that the bag was ORIGINALLY on hold for another woman, but that lady hadn't gone in to pick it up.. but NOW she was there!!!! Ohmigod when I heard her in the background of the phone, she sounded so ADAMANT about purchasing the bag that I think my heart almost leapt out of my chest:wtf: !! So yeh, I told the SA (Jun, VERY VERY nice SA) "I'LL TAKE IT:rolleyes: !!!!" and luckily the manager there told the lady that the bag HAD to be to sold me as default because the lady didn't come back in the alotted hold time and the bag had in fact been returned to the storage shelves :nuts: !! So, a great big 'Hurrah!!' for Jun at the LV/Neiman Marcus store!!! :yahoo:

    hehehe.. don't mind me, I'm just giddy :wlae: :jammin: even though I'm headed for the poor house (and the nut house :nuts: ) !!! That's 4 Vuitton bags and 1 wallet in 1 1/2 months!! My bf/mom/bank account is going to KILL me :shame: !!!!