Lucille PM Mono Mini - what fits?

  1. Hey ladies, how much can fit in this bag? I have one on hold for me, one of the last, and it looks so cute in the pics from the forum. i haven't seen it IRL yet, but i want a mini before it hits ebay astronomically.

    but i can't tell how big the interior is. please inform! thanks.
  2. I'm still waiting for mine (slowpoke fedex) so I can't answer!! I think Mello_Yello_Jen & JoJo_LV-Lover have one though!

    Which color do you have on hold though?? I can't wait to get my paws on mine!!! :P
  3. It fits A LOT! I just ran upstairs to take a picture for you but I couldnt find enough things to fill the bag :shame:

    Anyways, it can definitely fit the essentials. I am going to say it's safe to assume that you can fit a checkbook wallet, cell phone, and digi cam and still have room for some misc.stuff.

    What color combo are you thinking of?
  4. awwww thanks jen... you're funny... i appreciate you burned calories for me! i have on hold the cherry, last one in my area. and i hate getting things shipped (my thing with instant satisfaction). i have a navy blue Josephine GM (? - the bigger one), and red is the only other color i liked. i just need something for essentials, you know errands, but be hands-free sometimes.

    do you think you can wear the CHERRY with black? when I was looking at the Josephine awhile back in the cherry, the SA held it up to a black LV ensemble on a mannequin. but IRL, what colors of clothing do you wear it with?
  5. I think a black outfit would be fine with a pop of red.. if you take a look at the visual aids thread, JoJo is modeling her Cherry Lucille with a black dress, if I remember correctly.
  6. Hi kookie! When are you expecting to get it? I hate slow shipments :sad: You're going to LOVEEEE it though and it'll be worth the wait when you see it :love:


    babyhart - cherry!! that's a GORGEOUS color and it'll look great with black!
  7. Should be tomorrow!! I'm stalking the Fedex package everrrryyy daaaayyy.. it's taking foreeeveerrrrrrrr.:sweatdrop: I think I AGED waiting for the shipment!!! :Push: :shame:
  8. It can fit a lot and is a perfect size to carry to work or shop. But it is hard to keep clean and the fabric kind of wringkles. Mine has been sitting in the closet for a while mainly because I am afraid of getting it dirty.
  9. Make sure you don't get the leather trim wet because the color will smear into the fabric. I saw that happened in one of let-trade's mono mini bags.
  10. really, the color smears????? but isn't the color on leather permanent? i just picked up the cherry color, i love the size and how it sits on my shoulder. already started using it! luckily it isn't raining yet here in NY.
  11. Sorry I didn't mean to scare you. My blue one never got water on it and didn't smear. It is a beautiful and pratical bag. Congrats and enjoy!
  12. It's a beautiful bag in BEIGE!!!! Before i've always and only liked the red ones, but after seeing the beige Lucille on this woman downtown....ah mon dieu! C'etait MAGNIFIQUEEEEE!!!!
  13. oh, no... you didn't scare me. you definitely informed me. wow, look at that smear!! i have no words!
  14. Does anyone have the black Lucille pm? Do you think the black leather will smear on the white?? Thank you