Lucille de Paris

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  1. Hey everyone I found a very old thread on this topic so i decided to start a new one. Today I found a Lucille de Paris bag and it is in perfect condition. Beautiful and cream colored. I think it may be worth something. I paid 25 dollars for it and I don't know much about these bags. Can anyone help me determine the value. Its cream colored ostrich skin I believe, any help is greatly appreciated!

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  2. Your best bet would probably be to look at similar Lucille de Paris bags on eBay and vintage resale sites to get an idea of what they are going for.
  3. Great deal!

    Similar bags here.

    Tangerine LUCILLE de PARIS 1950's-60's OSTRICH Skin Handbag
    (Item #G4-09)
    Gorgeous custom-colored skins and great design on this timeless and rare 1950's-60's LUCILLE de PARIS tangerine orange skin handbag with shiny double gold tone chain straps! The skins are supple and typical Lucille quality with meticulous construction. Interior features 2 ostrich skin lined external side pockets and a clasped middle section done in a matching orange genuine leather with 3 open and 1 zippered side pocket(s) - Signed "Lucille de Paris." A gorgeous one-of-a-kind custom designer bag in a very rare color!

    7” H x 9.5” W x 2" D
    Handles add 5" to height.

    Condition: Mint!

  4. I recently purchased a Lucille de Paris handbag that I thought was Ostrich based on internet research, I have virtually no experience with purses, but I do make a lot of vintage purchases at auctions, etc. This bag came from an estate that had other fine designer bags & clothing as well. I bought it with the intention of selling it on eBay, which I did. However, the buyer has told me that she took the bag to her experts and it isn't Ostrich, but rather leather. Can anyone help me to verify whether it is a complete knock-off, or just leather that looks like Ostrich? Any information will be greatly appreciated. I'm new so I guess I can't receive private messages, but I will check back here in hope of any advice. Thanks!

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  5. Yes, she wants to return it for a full refund + s&h both ways :sad: I asked if she'd provide documentation from her experts, but I'm not sure if she will. Since it's eBay, and I have no experts of my own, I'm completely at her mercy or risk ruining my seller reputation. Thank you for sending that link, coincidentally it was the one I found that made me confident that the bag was authentic, but I never thought I'd find it again.

    Can you advise me of where I might go to authenticate this bag ~ I live in Las Vegas. Thanks so much.
  6. She needs to prove it's NOT Ostrich, and with that - you'd only accept a certified notarized statement from a reputable antiques dealer. Don't let the buyer hassle you; probably buyer's remorse has set in. As far as you getting it authenticated - check with a couple of antiques dealers and see if they can do it or can recommend somewhere based on what you've told them. Obviously you can't do it with the bag now since you no longer have it, but if it ends up coming back, that's what I'd do. There may be a cost involved to authenticate - and maybe next time you can describe the bag as 'appears to be ostrich' rather than 'ostrich'.

    If you don't feel like dealing with all this, gladly accept the return, refund her money, and move on. It may STILL get you a negative feedback, but you can reply to that and any future buyers won't have a problem with that.

    We're moving into ' ebay'/authenticate-this territory, so this thread might be moved - don't be surprised if it is.

    *Edited to add - I do see from your original auction that you stated in response to a question that you 'believed it to be' ostrich - that's as good as it gets, m'dear - let the buyer file. You answered the question and it was still purchased, you can't do any better than that.
  7. Well, she's bent on returning it, so it's coming back. I asked her for documents to un-authenticate the bag, and she offered to have it done for $75. Nice, huh. I'm going to just start over, maybe find another place to sell it where it will be appreciated. I really thought it was authentic, and I still do :smile: I guess I'll have to prove it now.

    Thanks so much for your help, it's made this experience more tolerable knowing I'm not a complete fool ;)
  8. Unfortunately if they're bent on returning it it's probably the best thing to do for your sanity. I supposed the purse might be ostrich embossed leather instead of actual ostrich - kinda like the Brahmin bags.
  9. Ooh, I'm not sure what Brahmin Bags are, but I am doing the return for my sanity. I don't think I have a choice with eBay. I do think she has buyer's remorse, especially since I posted a question and my response was I "believed" it was Ostrich. If it was important to her she really should have asked up front, and stayed away if she wasn't happy with my answer. That's what I would have done. I also would have provided documentation from my "experts". I'm going to check with my experts now :smile: Thanks to everyone for the advice.
  10. you are doing the right thing by giving her a refund. Most certainly it looks like ostrich to me. When you get it back, can you post more pics? Some of us might be able to help with it being ostrich or not more positively, y'know?
  11. It is Lucille de Paris and looks real ostrich to me (can't think that LdP would make a printed leather bag anyway). I have ostrich bags. The 'pattern' is not exactly the same both sides, the pattern of the quilling smaller on the back and the front is good but not too regular (see below) where there is an emptier patch.


    Inside the bag the frame is lined with the un-marked ostrich (no quill marks but still slightly crinkly) as it should be against the black leather interior.

    All the ostrich printed leather I have seen was uniform in bags of this age and the interior would have been printed or smooth and not look like the smoother part of the ostrich (crinkled).

    I agree with the others that she is probably suffering fro buyers remorse.

    Personally I would agree to take the bag back ASAP just because you wouldn't want such a stupid/nasty person owning such a great bag. It's certainly not worth fighting her over because her mind is made up even though I think you are correct. As for her so called 'experts' - no comment :sunnies
  12. Well I got the purse back! I'm trying second chances first before re-listing it. But before I do that, I was wondering if anyone can tell me if there's a place where I can work directly with an end user on this? On this site or elsewhere ~ I hope I'm not violating any of the rules here :confused1:

    Thanks again for everyone's help.
  13. I have some Lucille bags and they are all real skins. The ebay guide is good, however, it doesn't mention if Lucille bags came in faux skins imprinted leathers. Its a gorgeous bag! You might find your market on
  14. I was able to sell it to the next bidder on eBay. She was really pleased with it, her feedback said "I LOVE my purse", but thank you for the tip on :smile: