Lucifer Vir Honestus rose gold rings - pics

  1. I LOVE rose gold. What do you think of these beauties? I LOVE the first one but I don't love the price.:Push:

    Quercus Tourmaline ring - $5,9,85

    Quercus Topaz ring - $5,325

    Quercus moonstone ring - $5,600
  2. Those are amazing! I love the first one, too. What an interesting cut to the stone! These remind me of Gaudi's work (for those who don't know, Gaudi was a famous Spanish architect who designed beautiful organic looking buildings, churches and a park in and around Barcelona)
  3. Love the rings, love Gaudi. Barneys has amazing jewelry - too bad their prices are so steep.
  4. WOW!! They are really amazing! I love rose gold too, it is much more flattering (on me) than yellow gold.
  5. Very unique and beautiful!
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