Lucida, color

  1. If you were getting a Lucida ring would you choose an F color, 1carat or a larger G?
  2. Larger - you will not see a difference between those two color grades - both will look white.
  3. I'm not one for large diamonds, but I would still say the larger G, it's very difficult to see the difference in colorless to near colorless stones looking at the face of the stone and those are extremely close in color......
  4. Larger G colour. With ideal cut stones (which all of Tiffany's are), they reflect so much light and often look super white, plus G is near colourless so it is nearly impossible to tell the difference.
  5. i have been satisfied with g color.
  6. No one would go for the H? I'm surprised.
  7. I would go for an "H" if it was graded right.

    Remember we live in the real world. Jewelers grade color from the diamonds side by side and then that is splitting hairs on color. In the real world we only see them face up. To me in normal lights face up an "H" will look white. Remember we live in the real world and dont have widgets or gidgets to show people what we have.

    My wifes ring is an "H" SI2! She and her friends think its "D" Flawless because Im in the business! All her and her friends see is big white and sparkle! The money I saved it helped by a my Hummer :smile: She got an SI2 , I got an H2 :smile:

    Becareful, its easy to through money away on things you cant see.

    Kindest Regards
  8. I meant suprised no one would go for the F, need my coffee! :yes:
  9. hahaha
    smart man!
  10. I'm happy with my G - you can see a slight tinge when you hold it with a white paper behind it, but not enough so that it bothers me (I have the classic Tiffany 6-prong setting). Enjoy!
  11. I am usually very color sensitive but there is no problem with color issues with Tiffany diamonds. I own a Tiffany round solitaire and it's an "H". It looks super white to me. It's really beautiful and sparkles like crazy!