Luci has arrived!!!

  1. My new Luci in walnut has finally arrived! :yahoo: I LOVE her so much! She is the perfect size, perfect color, just perfect! I took some comparison pictures of her and Miranda. She is a little taller and a little shorter in length than Miranda but so much more casual. Now I will have Miranda for a dresser bag and Luci for an everyday jeans day! I'm so excited! Here are pics, sorry no modeling today, i'm not feeling too well! Enjoy!!:tup:

  2. Wow that is one hot bag! I love it! Congrats!
  3. oh wow I am not usually a big fan of these bags but I have to say that bag is hot!!!! I really like it! :yes: Congrats! :tup:
  4. wow...great bag...i love the legacy lining inside
  5. Beautiful Bag!!!!! Gorgeous Color~!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!
  6. She's lovely and I love that color!
  7. Nice bag. It looks really roomy. Enjoy
  8. WOW!!!!! That bag is sexy sexy!!!! LOVE the look of the leather!!! And I love that it's the same shape of Miranda, yet it is more casual!!! LOVE it!!! Congrats!!!!!
  9. Congrats, very nice!
  10. I love the bag and the color...Congrats
  11. I must say that I really love the Luci bag. I tried her on last week at the store and love it. It is much lighter than Miranda and quite rugged and earth in her appearance. Great choice! Congrats!
  12. I wish people would use the attachment manager so people like me who are at work can view the pictures :crybaby:
  13. She's beautiful!!! I'm glad I don't have the money, otherwise I would be way too tempted to go out and get her too. Congrats on getting a great bag!
  14. I really like this handbag ! I would love to see her when you are feeling better modeling her . I would really like to have her or francin the patent leather version with a strap! My store called me yesterday and said the Francin was aval. to order in the Mahogany only and the teal and the and other colors should be avail the 2nd week of Feb.
    I am leaning towards Lucy though she seems to be more of my style and fit my lifestyle. I am glad to here she is lighter than Miranda. I am getting the the Ergo patent hobo today and if I dont like her I will probaly exchange and order LUCY. I am so jealous of Liz getting to try on all these handbags in person in New York!
    Congrats great chioce!
  15. I'm sorry! Whenever I try to use the attachment thing for my own pictures it never works for some reason.

    I just put all my stuff in her and she is really roomy and still pretty light! I think i'm in love! :love: