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  1. this bag from NY & Co was used on a photoshoot/product shoot for a magazine I art direct.

    Don't you all think it looks very similar to Miss Luci?


    btw, irl the NY & Co bag is very cheaply made, smelled fake too. yuck.
    So, you're wondering why then it's being used for the shoot... well the story is about affordable business wear, so there :yucky:
    azw_fashion0408d.jpg azw_fashion0408i.jpg
  2. OH! i meant, to make a thread about this, but is it just me, or are a lot of the New York & Company bags starting to resemble Coach styles??
  3. Wow thats sad! They can't even come up with their own designs
  4. I just read this thread, and was about to say the same thing! Every time I check out their handbags, it's like a total rip-off of Coach. Total copycats! Geez, tell them to get their own ideas!
  5. i know!!
    since when did ny&c start having swingpacks btw??
    as if there aren't enough replicas out there.
  6. I must have been living in the closet because I had never heard of NY&C before. :shame: But now that you mention it, yup, most of their line look like knock-offs. What a shame.
  7. I was going to say.. that wouldn't really be possible, because Luci just came out.. and it would be really hard to rip off a design.. manufacture etc.. so quickly.
    But then I looked at the other pictures.
    Scandalous.. maybe someone on the inside is selling ideas to them. hahaha.
    Hey, you never know!
  8. I saw the "Luci-esque" bag in the store the other day!
  9. Argh...copycats:tdown:
  10. I've seen so many coach rip offs at this store in the last year or so...especially little wristlets and even mini skinny styles..they completely copied coach to the point that it was almost hard to tell a plain black Ny&Co wristlet from a real coach wristlet of the same style. I've been evry dissapointed with this store for some years, but knckong off coach for their cheap smelly bags is sorta pathetic.