lucco or cabas mezzo

  1. I bought a cabas piano, but it is a little smaller than I thought it would be. Any ideas or information on the luco or mezzo I want to get it right this time!!! thanks.:yes:
  2. I just got the mezzo! I love it. They have the measurements on LV website. But it holds a ton of stuff. I am really small too, 5' 2", and about 105lbs. Here's a pic of it on me so you can tell:


    Hope this helps!
  3. I love the cabas mezzo.
  4. mezzo!
  6. My vote goes for the Mezzo. It truely is a fabulous bag. I am 5'3" and I don't think it looks too large at all. It's all up to what you feel comfortable carrying. I tend to lean more towards large bags because I lug a ton of things with me to work.
  7. I am 5ft myself! There are no LV shops near me, so I have to buy online from their website. The piano is definately too small for me and I have just sold it on eBay! So I gues the next bag up is the Mezzo. Is it heavy though?
  8. Nope, not heavy at all. That's one of the things I love about it. And the handles are comfortable. It's just a bigger version of your Piano. If you liked everything about the Piano except for the size then you will love the Mezzo.
  9. I might just buy one! Would you say that there is a great difference between the piano and the mezzo?:yes:
  10. I haven't put the two next to each other. You could probably fit the piano inside the mezzo.
  11. Elux has the sizes listed as

    Mezzo: 19L x 13H x 6D
    Piano: 12L x 9.8H x 5D

  12. I just has a look at the bablylone, does anyone have this style? It is larger than the piano but smaller than the mezzo.:yes:
  13. I like the babylone. Everytime I see it IRL that person is using it as a Diaper Bag - pair that with the name of the bag and it's a huge turn off. lol I know I sound mental.

    ETA: Plus it looks really narrow. I am not sure how much you would be able to put in it.
  14. The Mezzo is fabulous. I use mine for work and it carries a lot without getting too heavy. The Babylone has a nice interior, but I am not keen on the shape (personally).
  15. Mezzo!!!!! That's next on my wish list....right now will have to live thru all your new bags as am on a ban until I pay off the LH and Noe!

    Let us know what u decide! Good luck!!