Luccibag, Lv question

  1. I see that you have a pink mini pleaty, does this bag hold much, and what do you wear this bag with? Can you post pic's?

  2. I know I'm not Linda but this bag holds a great deal.. I have it with me today at work.. I have my ipod, cellphone, MC Porte-Monnaie Plat, small make up case & Eclipse Gum. It's very roomy and so cute! I think it looks good with neutral colors.. I like to wear mine with pink, white and khaki..
  3. Thanks for the reply, Do you have the blue denim ?
  4. I have the pink denim like Linda... I see the Baggy PM in your avatar. I would love the Baggy PM in green.. I wish LV's grew on trees :sad:
  5. Here's a runway pic I did real fast for you.. If you get this bag you will love it! It holds the essentials perfectly for me.. My everyday bag is a Gucci Tote.. When I use this bag I don't feel like I'm sacrificing to get into a smaller bag.. It's definitely roomy. Gotta go.. Meeting my nieces for some ice cream..

  6. and i wish the tree was in my backyard :nuts:

    I love the baggy.
  7. Thanks for the pic, i'm surprise the strap is so long.
    :love: the bag!
  8. Hi. This bag holds so much! The other day I thought it was maxed out with my wallet, agenda, phone, and some other things and my son asked me to hold his game boy DS, and it FIT! The Gameboy is pretty big too! Its like a little "magic bag". You just keep putting things in and they FIT!
    Here is a pic of me when I bought it in Paris. I wear it with jeans and white, black, or pink tops.
    and only I would be so corny as to take this pic! LOL
  9. Luccibag you wear the bag well.

    I guess its because its denim its pliable, that works for me. I think the two of you have sold me on this bag. I just love the denim line but thought this was too small for its price.
  10. first pic - that how much i can put inside the mini pleaty and there's still room enough for little stuff

    2nd pic - bag with contents carried on the shoulder

    the mini pleaty fits a lot of things it expands when you stuff it with things, hope this helps :smile:
    DSC01003.jpg DSC01002.jpg
  11. Looks great on you gals.