Lubriderm project

  1. Ok, So I am determined to make my new B-bag as soft and smooshy as possible. Does any type of lubriderm work? I went out and bought the normal-dry skin formula that is fragrance free and has no kelp extract.

    Help!! :shrugs:

    Thank you!
  2. I just used the regular kind, no scent, no oil, etc. For sensitive skin I think; it worked very very very well! Good luck!
  3. I did use it on one bag but stopped with it because the leather looked like it's getting creases and it looked very dry. Luckily after 2-3 times conditioning it with Apple leather conditioner it went back to normal. Try it on the mirror first before you do the whole bag.
  4. it worked great for me! post pictures!
  5. Yes, post some pics as I'm thinking of doing the same thing to my bbag. I already bought the lubriderm but am too scared at the moment to try :sad:
  6. I bought the regular unscented lubriderm but it has mineral oil in it. Is this the right one?
  7. I'd be so scared to put Lubriderm on my bag!
    Does it leave a residue?
  8. Yeah, mine has mineral oil too....Better go swap for the sensitive skin one, but they don't have the small bottle for it, just the huge one!

    I'm just afraid of the color changing...
  9. hi liz, the color will change upon application, but once it dries it goes back to normal. sometimes, it may appear to go darker because lub takes away the "marbleing" (the white veins) which makes the bag look overall darker because it's a more solid shade. Hope that makes sense.
  10. Cool, the bag looks better without the veins anyway:smile:
  11. what exactly is lubriderm? does anyone know if we have an equivilant type thing in the uk?