Lubriderm and Appleguard

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  1. Hi there,

    I'm waiting for AG to arrive. Do you think I should spray AG first or apply Lubriderm first?

    Thank you.... :angel:

  2. hmmmm, great question! wonder if the lubriderm will cause the AG to "melt off"?
  3. Well, people who have used both a lotion/conditioner and the Spray seem to be using the conditioner first. Then, once it's completely dry, they use the spray.
  4. what i did was condition first, allow to dry overnight and then apply the spray
  5. I must have missed this - why are we now using lubriderm on our bags? As a conditioner? I use apple leather care conditioner - does lubriderm work better? Fill me in!
  6. welp, a couple of the b-bag store SA's mentioned that they use it on their bags :rolleyes:'s funny though, that some don't seem to want the secret to get out & still insist you shouldn't use anything at all :P...but if you think about it, the b-bag leather is real skin & if we never moisturized our own skin, it would be totally dried out :yes:

    p.s. i'm still too nervous to put anything on mine, but i'm definitely tempted!!!
  7. you can check out roo's original experiment in a separate thread. and i also posted some pictures of before/after with lub. ;)
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