lubed my ink twiggy, but....

  1. Hello everyone. I want to first apologize for not posting pictures, but my sister STILL has my camera!

    So after using my un-lubed twiggy for a few days, I decided to lub it similar to how I lubed my ink shrug months ago. The leather is DEFINITELY thicker and less crispy....BUT, I noticed that my ink twiggy has alot more marbleing than my ink shrug ever had, therefore even with all the lub, and even though the leather is now thicker and softer, there is still ALOT of distressing on the leather, though the white-ish marbleing went away (replaced by just the distressed webs). Imagine thick soft leather with marbleing WITHOUT the whiteness).

    Has anyone succeeded in getting rid of the webbing?

    Hope i'm making sense, it's hard to describe. THANKS!
  2. didi-girl, i think i know what you mean by webbing & i don't think there's anything you can do, because it's just the natural distressing of the leather on that little goat...i suppose there's a chance it could smooth out more over time & use though:girlsigh:
  3. yea, that's what i suspected. strange that all b-bags have such different leather, guess that's what makes them special though.

    i'll throw my twiggy around (Gently of course) and see if it lessens. =D