Luba J

  1. [​IMG]

    Balloon Bag


    Full moon


    Very cute
  2. ^^ Yeah, dailycandy hailed it as the new "IT" bag.
  3. that where i seen it all so , i really like the ballon bag
  4. I've been eyeing these bags for a little while now. It was the name "Challah" that originally caught my attention (what can I say? It's challah every Friday!) and I thought the bag with the same name was cute. Has anyone seen these IRL?
  5. Aww.. I like the full moon bag. Plus when you carry it, you can say you're mooning someone ! :lol:
  6. I like the Full moon bag too. I wonder if it comes in regular leather, rather than suede? I'll look around...
  7. I like the balloon bag too
  8. my mom and i have the challah in blue and mu best friend has the balloon in blue. we live in them!
  9. These are very cool.

    I think they did a spread on this brand in WWD or Lucky a while ago. It's the venture of 2 former models from Eastern Europe or something... I like them quite a bit!
  10. Wow, I'd love to see those IRL. I'd esp like the full moon bag, I agree with the other sentiments here, think it would be great in regular leather.
  11. Just thought I'd share my recent score: Luba J "Porcupine." Retailed for over $800, and I'm so glad my patience paid off. I was able to get this bag for $250! :yahoo: The leather is very soft, with rich hardware details and a suede interior. :love:

    (Pic is from Shopbop; I think I bought the last one.)
    LubaJ Porcupine_apricot.jpg
  12. I like the Balloon bag. I read somewhere that the brand is very popular amoung stylists. I also read that the bags were designed by models.
  13. Man.....there are some serious feet on these bags!!!!!! Love it, though.....
  14. They look great! I like the moon shape one best.
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