Luba J

  1. I got two Luba Js at the Denim Bar sale and won one on eBay. Anyone else like this brand?

    Luba J Sophie in olive:


    Luba J Bridgette in slate:


    Luba J Balloon is a light blue:

  2. I have the Bridgette in Slate and I love it! I ended up selling my tan Panda, though, as I thought I had too many tan bags. I think the first one you posted is an HH bag, not the olive Sophie.
  3. Nope, it's an olive Sophie. Ordered it from the Denim Bar and it came with in the same box with the Bridgette. Also, notice that the hardware that holds the handle to the bag is just like the hardware on the Bridgette.
  4. I love Luba J! I especially like the Bridgette and Gecko. These are gorgeous bags! Congrats!
  5. Never seen ine IRL, How is the balloon bag as far as size, is it huge? Also, do you find the leather and workmanship superb? I'm now lusting after one!
  6. Sorry, I see you changed it...That is the olive Sophie! Lovely. I would love to find a good deal on a Gecko...
  7. Oh -- I did upload the wrong photo at first! Just for an instant! You must have looked right as I did it. Sorry 'bout that.
  8. The leather is wonderful, just wonderful. It's thick and soft. I especially love the feel of the round, padded, soft leather handles. So comfy on the shoulder.

    As for the size of the balloon bag? Hmmm. Seems similar to my Balenciaga Day bag, only rounder. I like it.
  9. ^^Rondafaye, I love that pod you have attached to the Sophie...Is that one of those custom-made Balenciaga pods? I have a Coach blue patchwork flower fob on my Bridgette and it looks really cute!
  10. Yes, it is one of those Rogue Escape pods. I used to have a lot of BBags, but I am feeling more eclectic lately!
  11. I always see them online and they look very soft but I have never seen them IRL... Do you recommend? They look beautiful by the way... Congrats!
  12. I do . . . the leather is very thick and luxurious and yet pliable and soft. And the shoulder straps are very comfy.
  13. I just love your taste in handbags. Another gorgeous buy.
  14. I swear on all that is good and holy you seriously do own every bag known to man - I wont give up until you admit it. Humor me. How many bags do you own total?
  15. Very nice!

    I have 2 Geckos and love them!