Luba J - Please help one again!

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    As you may see, I am looking for a new spring bag, but I love so many, I don't know which or if I should just wait. Does anyone have experience with this bag? I still think $625 is high considering all the other options in this price point. Any opinions, as always, are appreciated from the experts in TPF!!
  2. Why don't you look at some Koobas, too?
  3. Thanks Compass Rose, but I have, and though I like them, they are all just soooo heavy!!!
  4. That is very cute. I think my favorite by Luba J is the balloon bag...but then again I like bags on the larger side ;)
  5. Have U done a search under Luba J gecko?
    A couple of months ago - there was a thread w/photos and really good info on this bag....someone (cannot remember) got it and posted pics, gorgeous and nicely made.
    Good luck
  6. I have a Luba J Challah bag and I was pretty disappointed with it when I received it. Not what I expected. You can search for threads I've started if you want to see pics, more commentary, etc.
  7. Guys, please stop replying to this thread...If you'll notice, it's from March, I'm sure it's not relevant to the op anymore. This was probably found in a search by user LubaJ so she could plug her website.