Luba J Bridgetti Bag In Slate Grey $162.25 W' Free Ship @ Denim Bar!!!!


    uba J Bridgetti Bag in Slate Grey

    Designed by Russian models, Luba J is a new label that is taking the fashion industry by storm. Rich outer leather made to wrinkle, fade and vein for a unique characterized look. Suede interior with zip pocket and twin slot pockets. Zipper closure.
    Price: $649.00 Sale Price: $162.25
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    I just bought this Luba J Panda bag for only $189.75!! Retail was $759!
    Free Shipping!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. Thanks for posting.. I really like the J Bridgetti Bag in Slate Grey..
    It looks a little purple to me.. Have you seen it in person? I am wondering if it is heavy or not.. Thanks!!
  3. Amazing deal. Must resist... But that price!!! :drool:

  4. I've not seen it IRL. Here are a couple pics of this bag in other colors from FengJunk

  5. Have you seen the Panda bag that I purchased IRL?? For some time, I've been drooling over this bag on the FengJunk website, so at this price, I couldn't help myself!!
  6. bag, I :heart: you!! Thank you so much for posting this! I got both (hopefully I won't receive a cancellation email). has anyone ever ordered from them before? Free ship and no tax, woohoo...!:yahoo:
  7. No I haven't seen your panda bag. That suede interior part is the part that is pulling me to buy it! I love suede interiors. I'm actually selling some impulses on eBay later, but I was trying not to buy any bags till the BE sale. So hard to resist that price!
  8. I have the Panda in black, but I will returning it to Endless. Not because I don't like it, but because I have too many black bags...) It is large, but the leather is nice. I was kind of disappointed because the vertical zippers are purely decorative...they are fused shut.

  9. Thanks bag..I can't wait to get mine although I'm not certain about the color.

  10. Not knowing how many are might want to go ahead and buy it. I'm sure at this price that it would be easy to sell!!
  11. Thanks for posting about this bag! You always find great deals. :smile: I don't know how you do it. Anyway I ended up buying it! I guess I'll just eBay it if I don't like it in person but I have a feeling I will :nuts:
  12. Uh-oh... I knew it. Look what I just got:

    This is just a courtesy email letting you know we are unable to fulfill your complete order. The Luba J Panda Bag in Tan is currently sold out. You will therefore receive a credit for the difference. Your Luba J Bridgetti Bag in Slate Grey will ship on 01/11/08. Thank you for your business. If you have any further questions regarding this issue, please feel free to contact us at any time Moday - Friday, 10am - 6pm.

    A credit? Don't they mean a refund?

  13. Thanks paintednightsky! I sign up to receive a newsletter from EVERY online store that I come across...seriously. If they don't offer a newsletter, I will register for an account knowing that I will receive sales notices. I find all these stores simply by searching the web for stores that carry certain brands. Yesterday, I went down the list of brands carried by Shopbop and searched each one individually although I only made it through a fraction of the list. Obviously, I spend waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time on my butt sitting in front of the computer. LOL!!! I'm happy that you bought the bag at such an incredible price. It was at least twice that price everywhere else!

  14. OK, I just called the store and was told that they were able to locate a Panda bag for me at one of their other locations! Whew!

  15. OH NO!! Sorry bag. I would hope they mean a credit to your bank account although I would call them to make certain!!!! I received a confirmation on my Panda bag before posting the sale so more than likely, I bought the last one. Do you want me to let you know if it doesn't 'bowl me over' when I get it?

    Hmmm....I just looked their site over for a phone contact and there is none! I guess you'll need to email them instead.