Luba J Balloon Bag in Coffee - $250 in Luna Boston

  1. Yeah.....
    this Luba J has found a new home!!
    Whoever got it - got an absolute deal (hopefully a tpfer!)
  2. I ordered mine today and can't wait to get it. I have been lusting for a luba j for over a year. I just love a suede lining and this bag should be great for work and/or the mall in my casual environment. I am petite so I am hoping it doesn't overwhelm me, but I figure that if it does I will be able to sell it for around what I paid. What a deal at $200 and free shipping. I have had a ban on buying new bags since last spring and I wasn't suppose to indulge until April, but this seemed worth the early buy. Thanks for the tip!
  3. I am selling my luba j balloon in this tan almond color. its brand new with tags. if anyone wants to buy, please PM me!