Luana Handbags

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  1. I did a search before posting and could not find much info on these. We have a Miss Luana as a TPF member so most of the search brough me to her posts, rather than info about the brand itself :smile:

    Anyone own one of these and have any feedback on the quality?


  2. Ijust bought a Luana at Nordstrom. Will post pics.
  3. Awesome, I see Luana bags at my Nordstrom too and they're beautiful but I'd love to know how they break in/wear over time if possible, before buying one.
  4. Would love to see pictures!!
  5. I just discovered Luana (brand out of Italy, if you Google "luana bags and accessories" you'll find their web site) at my N ordstrom Rack today! Bought a $248 bag for $99, my idea of ending the old year with a bang. This bag is a gorgeous blue-green (teal) that has taken the place of both my teal Rebecca Minkoff Beloved Mini and the medium PS1, which was too big for me. It's about the same size as the Minkoff bag; the lining is light colored, two leather-trimmed slip pockets inside as well as a zip pocket. I am very pleased with its buttery soft washed sheepskin leather and the obvious quality. I would LOVE to also have this in fuschia, but it's not to be found...




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  6. That bag is totally gorgeous! OMG! The color, the shape, everything is gorgeous!
  7. Love the design.. gorgeous! Enjoy!
  8. Thanks, ladies!
  9. For Indiaink - I can't sleep, so I've been surfing the purse forum, ogling the pictures of all the pretty bags. I just got a Luana meg in the smaller size from endless. It's scratched and it was the last one in that gorgeous teal, so now I'm returning that one and getting a new one from Forzieri. I love this bag - the leather is so soft! And, guess what? It does come in fuschia - they have it in the larger size at endless. I personally like the smaller bag, but now endless has the smaller size only in black and honey. The larger version comes in four colors.

    I think the bright colors are beautiful. I tend to wear dark colors - lots of black, grey, and navy. My winter coat is black. A bright bag really pops!
  10. ^mine is a bit scratched too, it is the nature of washed sheepskin, I think. It doesn't bother me, as I know it will continue to be scratched with use. And it gives me an excuse to pet it, to run out the marks.

    I know the small size comes in fuschia, but it's been sold out everywhere I've looked. That color is also wonderful!

    I do love the pop of color in this 'teal' bag - it's not like any other teal I've seen!
  11. ^Oh girl, that's just gorgeous. I love the lines - seems like Luana's definitely got it on the design mark, all of their bags seem to have that certain 'something'.
  12. Indiaink, what a fabulous bag, the leather looks TDF and the color is gorgeous. You can tell by the leather, color, hardware these are quality bags. I ordered the one I mentioned in post 7 and it should get here Thurs. Some screw up in the system and I got this bag for $119 no shipping. Hopefully I will like it, will post pics regardless.