Ltd. Edition White Onatah

  1. do any of you have a pic of the 'mysterious' white onatah? a friend of mine is working in japan and just text'd me saying she saw an ad out there -

    hmmm inquiring minds wanna know!
  2. Woah, I want to know too !!

    Imagine trying to keep that baby clean though, it must be hell !
  3. WOW! I didn't know about this, can she email you the ad? Or scan it and send it to you?
  4. sounds interesting!! i agree though with ayla, cleaning and maintaining it must be hell :biggrin:
  5. i tried to get a campic but she said it was a passing by in a hurry type of situation - told me to get online and find it - but I can't :sad:
  6. I would love to see this.
  7. ^ Ditto.
  8. pics please!!!!!!!!
  9. can't wait to see a pic!
  10. ^^ Me either!!
  11. I am not too good with 'internet investigations' but I flipped thru a few fashion mags and didn't find anything at all - so i guess we shall never know. :sad: :sad:
  12. omg .. if there really was a white onatah .. i would love to get my hands on one .
    i love the onatah .. just not the colours.
  13. In White....That Would Be Just Amazing
  14. Sounds beautiful but must be a pain to keep clean.
  15. sounds amazing! I tried to google for it but have no luck.. now you got me all curious of how it would look like!
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