Ltd edition Polly. . .Do I have a chance?

  1. hello LV fanatics:yes:

    this is the only time I have been really interested in a Ltd edition bag and I was wondering how long does LV usually sell bags like these? Do I have to get on a wait list or something? Is it readily available in the store?

    thanks so much for any information

    I love the cuir embossed polly, do you like it or not.
  2. anyone?
  3. The Polly is really nice but also REALLY big, have you seen it in real life? I saw the monogram leopard one at South Coast and it was LARGE. But anyways if you want the bag, go to your local LV and have them put you on a list and have them search for it and also call 866 Vuitton and have them look as well. Good luck!
  4. thanks Mr Posh Spice:yes: I saw someone post pics with them carrying it and I love it. :heart::heart::heart:. I will call our LV tomorrow.
  5. I am sure you can still find it, as Mr Posh suggests call 866 or visit your nearest store :smile:
  6. i love that bag! it's one of my graduation/birthday/christmas bags, but i don't know if it'll still be available in december :shrugs:. you can call the 866 and ask if they still have any left.
  7. Looooove the Polly!
  8. I just saw the Polly in Fairfax, VA today -- good luck!!
  9. I've been told that the Polly is VERY big. My mom was thinking about getting it for awhile in Taupe and I was told that there are only 19 left (at least in that color in the US).

    I think it looks nice but the size is another matter. But if you like it :yes: and don't mind the size then get it.