Ltd Ed Pochette or some LV shoulderbag?


Feb 22, 2006
That wapity thread is killing me and now I'm thinking I must have one LOL.

But despite that I've been eyeing a panda, cerises or cherry blossom pochette. I'm wondering though if I should invest in a plain LV mono bag that is larger and more functional? Though I do already have a Cabas Piano, Vernis Reade PM (on the way), and Cerises Speedy. The pochette is great but I wonder how much use I'd actually get out of it, but either of them would be a great collector's item. The panda one is the one I'm leaning towards most.

IF I was going to get another LV shoulderbag what would you recommend? Nothing too large as I already have the cabas. I don't like the looping line much.
Since you already have Cerises Speedy, I think the panda pochette would be a very cute collector's item. I love how it has the side w/the back of the panda w/its lil tail.

If you're looking for a mono shoulder bag, I like the Musette Tango. The shapes is very simple and classy and you can wear it day or when you're a bit dressed up as well. Eluxury used to have it, maybe they're out of stock right now, but it looks like this:

By the way, how do you like your Cabas Piano? I was contemplating between that and Speedy 30 and had gotten the Speedy. But I was at the mall this past weekend and literally saw 26 Speedys worn by various women. So, as soon as I got back, I called Eluxury to asked for an exchange for Cabas Piano. Right now, the order is in process. Will it fit magazine, a regular sized thin notebook? Also, does the shoulder strap stay on or do they slide off often? TIA!
Bella I'm actually waiting for the Piano to arrive but I'll let you know once it gets here! I know what you mean about the speedy that's what I got the cerises so it'll be different :=) Everyone here has them too! Mainly fakes though. So disappointing. Anyway I think you'll love the Cabas. My friend has one and puts a magazine/thin notebook in it, bottled water, tons of stuff and it all fits. It's a great everyday bag. So classic.

I had the musette and couldn't fit that much in it. It was a while ago and while I love the design, it didn't wow me that much. I like the Viva Cite MM maybe? If I don't go that route it'll probably be that cute panda pochette which I can't get out of my mind lol.