LTD ED Magenta GH!!!!

  1. Look what arrived on my doorstep just after lunch - the Limited Edition Magenta with GH at long last! Overnight to California - to make up for the 4 months of waiting? :p

    I love the leather on her - just distressed enough, not marbly and veiny like some of the spring/summer colours. There must be something about this new batch of Fall leathers that is really special - I haven't seen a bad bag yet!

    Congrats to all the lucky ladies who have received theirs! Now I can't wait to see the SGH version!
    DSCN0745.jpg DSCN0747.jpg DSCN0748.jpg DSCN0749.jpg
  2. Oops, those pictures turned out tiny. Here's a bigger one, fingers crossed.
  3. BEAUTIFUL!!! I can't wait for my GSH! Enjoy your bag ... it looks like it was worth the wait!
  4. oh, i'm waiting for mine, as of this moment. when would the ups guy show up!? yours is absolutely beautiful!!!
  5. SO PRETTY!! congratulations!!
  6. GGH and Magenta is so wonderfully over the top, I love it.
  7. G O R G E O U S!
  8. she's stunning with ggh! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!
  9. A*b*s*o*l*u*t*e*l*y


  10. WOW.... what a SUPER UBER pink bBag~! cOngrats ;)
  11. Congrats, it looks fab
  12. Very pretty! Take some modeling pics if you can.
  13. Slightly bigger pic of the back...
  14. Pic with flash...
    pic with flash.jpg
  15. what a fab color, congrats!