LT question

  1. anyone who has bought through LT, how do your items arrive? i'm interested in a few items, but it says that the dustbags are NOT included...:confused1:
  2. I got mine wrapped in bubble wrap and then in a fed ex bag, then boxed.
    No dust bags, sorry :smile:
    They are in great condition, just as advertised and seemed to make the trip without any damage. Oh, no smell to my bags either.:P
  3. if let-trade said that dustbags are not included, then they won't be included. i bought a bag from them and it came with the dustbag, just like they said on eBay.

    oh by the way, my bag came in its dustbag in a bubble envelope.
  4. :confused1: so some items come with them, and some don't?
  5. Mine said no dust bag included, but it did come with one. It was packaged very well w/ bubble wrap, etc. No smells at all!
  6. On their website, most (or all?) of the listings say a dustbag isn't included. But if you ask them specifically or look at the detailed auctions on eBay, there is a chance a dustbag is included. I think they are more specific/detailed in their eBay auctions. Hope that helps!
  7. They always pack EXTREMELY well, even if there is no dust bag.
  8. Mine came with no dust bag in a padded bubble envelope with no other packaging...but it was in perfect shape with absolutely no odors! (I asked about that before I purchased the bag.)
  9. They do consignment so they probably didn't get the dustbags with their items they sell. It's a crapshoot with them.
  10. All my purchases from LT came with a dust bag even though it said it wouldn't. I bought 4 bags from them and I think the Graffiti Speedy was the only bag that was supposed to come with a dust bag, but all of them did.
  11. I think you can just email them to ask. ;)
  12. I emailed them to ask what size of dust bag I should buy for the bag that I just purchased from them, and they emailed me back saying that they'd include a dustbag!
  13. And which bag did you just purchased, Karman? :graucho: :P
  14. Mine came with a dustbag although it said in their descriptions that none was included. I guess it wouldn't hurt to ask them for 1, just that they may not have the right one for the bag that u want...
  15. The Papillon 26. I can pick it up tomorrow from the post office, I think. ;)
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