LSS Print with Faces on it...?

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  1. My mom saw a LSS bag in Vegas' Fashion Mall winter 06. She said it had brown accents and people's faces on it. I tried to search but couldn't find anything and she said it wasn't any of the three tokidoki playground prints. Any idea? She seems to remember them drinking coffee or something haha. But mostly, a print with faces and not cartoony. Thanks!
  2. A print with faces? Hmm... No idea.. But maybe it's the "Famiglia" print? That's the only one I can think of with "faces" on it.

    Hope this helped.
  3. there is a print which came out in spring 2006 that is brown with people on it. i don't remember the exact name, maybe 'school' or 'after school'. i will post if i find a pic of it.

  4. don't you wish lesportsac had a print archive on their website?
  5. i do.

  6. I agree that it sounds like Famiglia, though I'm no expert.
  7. it's either Famigilia or the PG's: camo olive or balck. those prints have only the faces on them and a few of the Toki characters in color.
  8. thanks for your replies, but it's not tokidoki at all. It's just a lesportsac print and when she first asked me, I thought it was pg as well so I showed it to her and she said it wasn't.

    Yeah, I've been looking for an archive ... I wish there was one!
  9. I only posted it for the print, not the bag. Same with all those.:shrugs:
  10. there was a black and white photo print a few years ago, i think it was called 'oh baby' or something like that. i saw it at the outlet. it was black and white photos, they looked like vintage-y photos. i don't have a picture of that print.
  11. i think this one is called 'avenue' and was a NY exclusive... if my memory serves me right.