LSS 3-zip?

  1. I'm pondering a cosmetic bag that I can switch from bag to bag instead of having everything loose. Does anyone use the Lesportsac 3-zip cosmetic bag? It seems like a pretty good deal and a few of the prints are really cute. It also appears to be smaller than the Caramella!

    Also, would it fit in a Bambinone?
  2. I use it to carry loose change and cash when I just had run down to the grocery store to do some fast shopping. It's very versatile and comes in an array of colors and prints. And yes, it would fit into a Bambinone easily!
  3. I just got a 3 zip bag recently in the tattoo print. I really like it a lot because it is smaller than a caramella. Not sure though if it will fit in a bambinone because I don't own that style.
  4. I have all 3 and tried it for you. It is smaller than the caramella, and the 3 zip does not fit in the bambione unless you have very little in the 3 zip:yes:
  5. Love the fafi have been contemplating on at least getting something small in that print. I like the june bug one as well.
  6. Yeah Fafi is cute; I love the drawing style. Junebug is bright and colorful, and Zoo Love is just awwww.
  7. I have the 2-zip and 3-zip, both in black, to keep all my "loose" stuff in and it really does make switching bags easier!! I just grab the cosmetic cases instead of grabbing handfuls of things. *lol*
  8. I like the Junebug one!! I don't own a bambinone, but when I was at LeSportsac I was eyeing one but wanted to make sure my things would fit in it... My 3-zip is FULL of stuff, but it still fit...? Just a tad bit snug, but not bad.
  9. i think it should fit, i have a 3 zip, i use it for coins, cash and then my cards when i don't feel like carrying a purse, which isn't that often, but i tihnk they are really convient. i might have to put make-up in mine instead.