LSAT time... EmilyK needs your prayers, good karma, etc.

  1. I'm taking the LSAT this Saturday and will be starting the law school application process soon.

    I've been practicing for a few months off and on, and the games section is still killing me... but nothing I can do about that, especially at this point. I can do very well on it untimed (if only...) but the time limit is really making it impossible for me. I rarely even get to the 4th game. As a whole, I've been getting a score in the 160's, which is fine for the schools I'm interested in.

    I'm surprisingly not too stressed out or worried about it, but you guys might be faced with a very depressed EmilyK if I get my score back and it's beyond terrible.

    Oh well. Send good thoughts my way, please! Thanks guys.
  2. I know how it can be! Good Luck!
  3. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wish me luck too please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am taking it as well this Saturday.

  4. good luck EmilyK and angelisa360 as well!!!!!!
    let us know how it went!
  5. Good luck! I remember my d-i-l worrying/studying for the LSAT, then law school, then studying for the Bar. It's always something. I'm sure you will do very well.
  6. Good luck!

    you'll do great!
  8. Good luck!!! Stay calm through it and reward yourself when it's over!!!:tup:
  9. Kick some A$$ chica! I knowyou'll do fine, get accepted to law school, then we can throw you a huge party and buy more bags!

  10. Good luck!
  11. Oh, Emily, I remember the LSAT all too well... I took it a few years ago (anxiety time!!!) & used to teach LSAT-prep classes while on vacation from law school. You know how you always hear that usually people get their highest scores the day they take the actual test? It's been my experience that scores on the actual test improve by a couple of points over the practice tests... so if you're consistently getting in the 160s on timed practice exams, I think you'll sail through the actual LSAT on Saturday.

    I don't actually think the LSAT is a test for the perfectionists out there; it's not looking for perfection, but it is looking for stamina. So, what worked for me was to never get thrown off if I didn't know the answer. I guessed and just kept moving... and I scored in the 170s, so it paid off to keep going!

    Good luck on Saturday!!! Try not to worry all that much between now and then. Yeah, I know, easier said than done... Good luck!
  12. good luck Em!!!!! i'll send more good luck vibes on saturday! i think you'll do just fine and you can celebrate getting into law school with a pretty bag ;)
  13. Good luck, Emily!!! We're all rooting for ya!
  14. good luck Emily. (now leave tPF alone and study)
  15. Good luck Emily! I went through this in June so its still fresh in my mind. Just relax and don't stress: at the end of the day, it's just a test, and you will most likely walk out thinking "why did I think this was such a big deal?" That was my experience anyway. I really wish you the best.