LS Outlet Seattle also has 40% off

  1. I just checked my email and I got an email from the LS outlet in Seattle, sent 9/6/2007 at night.

    Hi Joanna,
    We do ship to CA the shipping starts at $8.50. Tokidoki is currently on sale for 40% off the retail. We only have one Mamma Mia in the Adios Star print left in stock.
    Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.
    Thank you for your interest.

    Seattle Lesportsac Team
    10600 Quil Ceda Blvd.
    Space 820
    Tulalip, Washington 98271
    (360) 654-3520

    So if anyone needs a cheaper tokidoki....... :yahoo:
  2. Hi there! - Could you share the e-mail address by any chance?

    Thanks - :smile:
  3. that is probably a big fat lie. I supposedly bought the 'last MM in AS' last Friday. And then annabellet posted earlier this week that she thought she bought the last one (AS MM) bc that is what they told her.... and now they are telling you the same....

    I am pretty sure they are just saying that so they don't have to hassle w/placement... and so you feel like you have to buy it now bc it is the last one!!!

  4. Ew, that's not cool.
  5. Yeah, it probably is a ploy to get people to buy faster and such~ That's so mean of them! :sad:
  6. I dunno, I've dealt with Kelly before and she's really nice. She was super helpful with finding my perfect placement.
  7. It could be they only have one left in the store stockroom, but more at their offsite storage. I went a couple of weeks ago and they were out of the Paradiso Luna; I went back a week later and they had it in stock again. They're all really nice; I can't imagine any of them saying it's the last one just to make a sale.
  8. I agree with you. They are very nice generally. I placed the order at Seattle outlet last time, the SA told me the inferno ciao ciao was the last one and bambino still have some. She said she can't do the print placements for me, but she will pick one the best for me. Thanks, she is really nice and cute.:tup:

    BTW, she told me not to tell anyone. Please keep the secrets, OK?!:popcorn:
  9. Yeah, they're the outlet that refuses to help with print placement now and they :censor: my last order so badly that I am still :cursing: & :rant: about it 2 months later. They lost my order for over a week, then found it and took several more days to even ship it out, and then they charged me WA state tax when I live in OH and should have had no state tax charged since there are no LeSportsac stores even in OH. I ended up paying nearly retail for the stupid bag. SH gets all my business now.

    Wish I could say the same...sorry still :mad: about my last and final buying experience with that store.