LQQky LQQky at Chocolate Carly's new duds ^QQ^

  1. I am very surprised that the lilac accessories look really good! I will be right back with pictures after I upload them :drool:
  2. :tender:waiting patiently....:tender:
  3. Okay I only have one picture because the others turned out blurry. What do you think?
  4. I see you in this thread .... I hope you're uploading pics :smile:
  5. very nice, they looks great together :smile:
  6. I personally love the colour combo. So pretty.. love that scarf!
  7. Thats a beauty! I agree. The colors are vibrant and pretty together.

  8. That color looks great with the chocolate!
  9. very nice!
  10. Thanks! I am thinking about getting something in Red to change her look when the mood strikes. Maybe the Apple fob :graucho: What do you think about the way I tied the scarf on this time? I know I don't want a bow. I also tried tying different types of bows and it just looked funny. I think if I did a bow I would need a bigger scarf. Anywho, which one looks better?

  11. I like how you tied your scarf (and the purple looks GREAT with chocolate!).
  12. The purple and chocolate look awesome together!!! So cute!
  13. cute! Pretty much any color will look great with that delicious chocolate!!! :drool: I like the scarf in the 2nd pic but to me the first one just looks too long? :shrugs:
  14. Beautiful! I love that charm!!
  15. OOOOO So pretty!