LQQKING for a RED....

  1. clutch style bag to wear for a Xmas party.

    I will be wearing (I think) black dress pants and a black (body) white(upper) corset style blouse with black pointy toe heels. Most likely silver cuff bracelet and choker necklace.... I want to pop this outfit...
  2. Try something in a patent red that would work better.
  3. Red patent clutch.... can you direct me to something online ?
  4. I saw a cute one on QVC last night by Maxx NY. It was red patent but not leather. The red was a fantastic color.
  5. I like this goldenbleu clutch - it does come in a nice bright red but picture is black:

  6. thanks all, i'm going to check out those links.
  7. although I was hoping b/f would give into a Roxbury in pomme it didnt happen. But i did find a bag :biggrin:
  8. You can check ebags