LP will be on HSN tomorrow

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  1. Saw that! No colors I'm looking for though. Wonder if the quality is as good for this line?

  2. I don't know! The wallets for $59 are tempting though!
  3. I was checking out the wallets (like I need another one) and scrolled down to "When to Watch" and entered my email address. HSN emailed me a "15% off your next purchase" coupon. Makes the deal even better. I like the interior lining.
  4. I'm still waiting on my coupon, thanks for letting us know about it cathead87. None of these styles or colors really excite me but the prices are good. Do you know how long the items will be listed on the HSN site?
  5. When looking at the nameplate, inside the open ruby wallet, it looks crooked. Not sure the studs look as substantial either. Hmmm!

  6. The wallets are really tempting. It looks like the same exact design of their Dylan wallets. I might cave and try one if they send me a coupon.
  7. There is no way the quality will be as good as her "couture" line. When Rebbecca Minkoff had items on HSN the quality was terrible! I bet the leather will be stiffer..especially considering the process of washing leather with enzymes takes longer and is more expensive..and you know the hardware will be dinky. I don't trust it. Why not just find some original LP on sale..and still get the great quality :smile:
  8. ^^ agreed. That leather looks hard and icky. I am all for making a brand more available, and I think LP in general is ridiculously overpriced. The bags are great quality but not worth their price...but they need that price point to be celeb worthy. My concern about making another line is that when items are of lesser quality, I think it just cheapens the brand itself because people will associate poor quality with the name, not just the line.
  9. I think LP Is well worth every penny and actually quite reasonably priced with the quality you receive. This is what draws me to LP over other brands. However, I do agree it can cheapen the name when they make a lessor quality line. These bags and wallets appear from the pictures like inferior quality to me, not having seen one in person though. If anyone here purchases one I'll look forward to their review!

  10. ^
  11. Me too. Their leather is vastly better than so many designer brands out there.
  12. I watched the presentation of the LP handbags the leather looked good but the host was having problems with the zippers, they kept sticking everytime she tried to open them even the ones on the front of the bag.

  13. Thanks for your input, I forgot to watch!

    By the way, your avatar is soooo cute!!! :smile:

  14. Thanks for the kind words it was really hard to get them to all cooperate. JK

    No problem at all I set my DVR up to tape so I could see the presentation.