LP LP Linea Pelle at Target!

  1. Feel like rubber, yes. The one little crossbody with belting and studs was cute, imo.
  2. With our weather I haven't made it over there. Ill try to get there tomorrow night.
  3. I just saw this collection at my local Target ...I'm really disappointed...poor design and cheap material...who's going to buy it ? it's even worst than the Mulberry collection.
  4. My Target has them too. Made with very cheap material.
  5. I saw them at my Target and I wasn't impressed. I agree that the designs are pretty blah. There have been a number of designer lines for Target that used cheaper materials (to be expected), but didn't sacrifice style. At first I thought that I didn't like them because I was used to the real deal Linea Pelle, but then I was like, no, the style isn't great. I don't expect top of the line leather for a lesser line, but come on ...
  6. In case anyone didn't get a chance to see this collection, I took a few spy pics for you. This Target is at Roseville, CA by the way.


    Closeup of the "pleather." The blue smudge is actually a reflection off of the tag.
  7. PG - Thanks for the pics! Now I know where all the silver hardware went. :amuse:
  8. WOW. Those pics are way better than mine. AND that selection was way better too!
  9. Thanks for the pics but they are all fugly:smile:
  10. Good Job on the spy pics!
  11. Thanks ladies, and you are welcome. Glad these pics helped ya. :flowers:
  12. Thanks for those great pics, that was a treat. Those bags though..yikes, it hurts my eyes to look at them. :blah:

  13. You're welcome Linda. I agree, these bags does NOT look like they belong to LP at all, more like some random generic name brand Target always carries. The Mulberry for Target at least have their signature Alexa type satchels and logos on them, but these so-called "LP" bags..... I dont know. I was totally expecting these bags to resemble the Dylan totes and Satchels, but I was totally surprised when I saw it in person. Extremely disappointing. If someone were to carry these bags on the street, no one would know it's from LP. Kinda sad.
  14. I love the angled studded pieces on this one:

    But Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh @ them in person! I still cannot get over that material! Even if I had never heard of LP or known how amazing their leather is (or any leather) I still don't think I could buy something made from that rubbery feeling stuff!