LP LP Linea Pelle at Target!

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  1. My local Target has an endcap with some LPLP bags on it. I need to go tonight and snap a photo. They're not the best looking, IMO, but they're reasonably priced.
  2. Wow. I am shocked.
  3. LPLP?

  4. Target :0
  5. ^ I saw some yesterday, too! They only had little bracelets and cosmetic type bags. I wasn't impressed with the quality, but I seriously freaked out when I saw them. I'm going to have to go back and see if maybe they've put up a bigger display or something!

    OP, take photos when you go?
  6. I wonder if this is anything like the line they did from HSN, I didn't think the quality looked nearly as good.

  7. i just saw these Thursday nite at the Chicago downtown Target; not thrilled; the cuffs are ok.. but i think i run into the problem of having the actual designs and then seeing them in material other than leather just makes it odd for me.
  8. hehe... I love all things Target. I'm going to check these out next time I'm there :biggrin:
  9. :ninja: We need spy pics! :ninja:
  10. My Target has the Mulberry line and they were awful!! I need to go check it out tomorrow and see if they carry LP, too.
    I agree with cathead though, we need spy pics!!
  11. The bags are awful! Cheap vinyl. I was absolutely shocked to see that LP would put her name on those bags.
  12. my target doesnt have them!

  13. thank you for being honest - that's how i felt when i saw them - i was embarassed for LP to be honest - they are horribly cheaply made... i would have to say they are as bad as the mulberry line was - my opinion is mulberry and LP are the worst they have done...
  14. I totally agree! I was so excited to see them but when I felt how cheap they actually are I was so disappointed! And the designs weren't great either IMO
  15. Meh, felt like rubber almost! I was there yesterday... the blue color was fantastic but that's about it