LP Lovers - check out my new Cobalt Dylan Large Speedy

  1. This arrived today and I love it - the leather is gorgeous and the color is amazing. This is my 1st LP and won't be my last.
    lpdylanbowl 011.JPG lpdylanbowl 014.JPG lpdylanbowl 016.JPG
  2. OMG!!!! I LOOOOVE that color! I must get it!!!! (... next month :graucho:) I'm a huge LP fan... and I think i'm going to be dreaming about this bag! GREAT CHOICE!:tup: It looks fabulous on you :yes:. I just got my piper speedy.. so i must wait (impaitiently*)
  3. I got this Lola Shoulder bag from Kataphileo.com for $186.13 with 2 day free delivery. The bag is gorgeous and her service was outstanding! On the LP website this bag is on sale for $352...originally $470. So it was a screamin' deal! The leather is really soft and the quality is great! :rolleyes:
  4. Wow - love the color! Didn't even know LP had cobalt. Where have I been?! Anyway, looks great on you, especially with the grey!
  5. [​IMG]

    Sorry, here's the Lola bag I got! Post above ^^
  6. Where did you get that bag?? It is to die for, wow!! I love LP
  7. I love that - nice deal too.:tup:
  8. I bought it from the lp website - I think it was the last one.
  9. What a gorgeous color! Love it.
  10. Gorgeous LP bags:tup:
  11. bark, thanks for posting these pics! I love the blue, it goes so well with what you have on. I've only seen a few LP styles but I've loved the leather on each, I didn't know this one came with a longer strap too - even better!Congrats!
  12. Great bag bark, wonderful color!... Love LP bags.. I just got my Ashley Double shopper in brown... i'll post pics when i get the chance... love it! really soft leather!
  13. The LP Piper Speedy also comes with the longer strap. These bags are very well designed. I see many bags I would like to own, but do not buy them for lack of an additonal shoulder strap.
  14. that bag looks awesome! Love the color!!!
  15. Wow that's an amazing color! I thought the Dylan would be huge from the listed dimensions, but from the modeling pic it looks perfect size!