LP leather Help!!

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  1. Guys, I just called LP and they couldn't help me with spraying leather protector on my new Piper Tote. They said they can't reccomend any products since they don't make them.

    I'm taking her to NYC for the day and really want to protect her with Apple Gaurde. Is that a bad idea??? MY beautiful HH triple strap has a small grease stain on the top of it and my leather guy said it can't come out. I'm soooo worried about that happening to my gorgeous Piper!!!
  2. I have Apple Guarde. Just try a bit of it on the inside to be sure it won't mess up your bag.
  3. I used Apple Guard on my LP bags and they were fine. I agree with the PP and would test a small area just to be sure.
  4. test for what? would it molt or ruin the leather. am I supposed to take a tissue and see if color comes off????
  5. Wilson's Leather & Suede Protector. Definitely...
    Works great on all leather and doesn't change the color, finish, or texture.
  6. Agreed. I use this for my softest most supple bags, including my recent LP. Only stuff I use!!!

    I think they prob don't want to recommend anything so that they aren't at fault most likely if anything did happen (like you oversprayed and got trigger happy, etc.).