LP belts

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  1. I'm admiring some of the wide belts LP sells, and I'm wondering if anyone has one or two or ten? Are you happy with them? Are they as nice as the bags? Would love your thoughts.
  2. I have two of their belts I purchased from TJ Maxx. I love the style and I have gotten many compliments on them. The quality is great..I think that is originally what they were known for in the past was their belts although I didn't get into their belts until after I found their bags. They fit the body well.
  3. Thank you for your reply. That's terrific to know. TJM? For real? Terrific.
  4. Earlier this year when LP was having a great BIG sale - I bought several belts ($200+ marked down to $22, etc). They are great quality - heavy and rugged (at least the one's I picked out). I've heard (only) that the ones at TJ Maxx are not the same quality as the ones at LP's website, but I could be wrong.
  5. Woohoo! Finally scored some LP belts at the local Marshalls. They had a good number of styles, four, and in about six colors. I put three on layaway (refuse to use credit cards and only use cash, of which I have little at the moment): red and purple in the same double buckles style, and a wide studded gunmetal one. SO excited! I get them out of belt jail in 2 weeks...teehee!
  6. OMG I have the gunmetal one! I posted this thread about it. I saw the other two belts you mentioned. Lovely! I really want the red one, but at the time had no money. I had no idea they do layaway!
  7. I have two and my husband has two. They are great belts.
  8. Yes, that's the one!!! I got them out of belt jail on Friday! Wore the gunmetal IMMEDIATELY! As in, didn't get home and it was on. Wore the purple today. I really wish I'd gotten a gunmetal one for my niece...I think she'd have lilked it, but when I checked sizes, no smalls.

    Did you get any more belts, i:heart:handbags? I had some great belts...my Mom always found them for me. Now my belts don't fit since having the dude in my avatar..sigh.
  9. No, when I went back they were gone. :sad:
  10. Overstock has some Linea Pelle belts for great prices...