LP at Winners!!!

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  1. So i was browsing my local winners (Waterloo- Conestoga Mall location) and i stumbled upon.... belts... for $14..and i found a LP bag!! (an older style mind you).. but once there's one, you know there will be many more!
    So for the other Canadian LP lovers.. keep your eyes peeled at Winners just in case!
  2. Wow that's pretty cool. When I used to shop there, there was absolutely NOTHING at that Winners!
  3. Wonder.....How good is the price of the LP (old style) bag there?
  4. Great to know--I'm going to check it out tomorrow!
  5. Wow. I might drop by my local winners this weekend.
  6. So I dropped by my local Winners today (Robson - Vancouver)... There were a whole bunch of old style LP belts there for 12.99. No bags though.
  7. I tried looking for bags at the Lansdowne winners (Richmond, BC) yesterday, but couldn't find any. I guess I won't be trying downtown, either.