LP Alyssa HELP!

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  1. I'm dying for a LP Alyssa but it's sold out everywhere I'm looking. Froogle, nextag, etc. all direct me to the LP official website but it says the item is unavailable. I'm dying for this in beige. The other colors will even do. Where can I find this item from a legitimate website? Thanks!
  2. NMLC in my area had a beige one. Bonanzle?
  3. thanks guys for the help but i prefer a legitimate website instead of sellers such as ebay etc.

    no cute do you mind me asking which nmlc it is? the one in katy (near houston) has one but the leather is really dirty and there are alot of scratches and stuff
  4. thanks for the help!
    sorry but have you bought from this seller before? i want to try ebay but ive heard so many horror stories
  5. I recognize the seller of the blush Alyssa linked above. She's a nice tPFer.
  6. I just saw a small blush Alyssa at labelspree.com for $118.
  7. Those are some super deals on the Alyssas on Ebay.
  8. Did you try LableSpree.com? I think that website had them, not entirely sure. Try it though!