Loyalty to SA--

  1. How far should you extend your loyalty to a SA? I have made a few large purchases in the past few months and placed two orders. But now I am feeling like my SA is not being responsive (not returning phone calls, or saying will call back by the end of the day and no call). Do they become fearful that you are a reseller if you buy a lot in a short period of time? I feel like finding a new SA at another location, but...would there be repercussions for my orders or future dealings with the first SA if I go to a different store now? This is all very mysterious territory.
  2. No, I have bought alot an still get the same level of service from my sa, I also have a couple of other SA at other stores. I am loyal to 3 SA's only.
  3. I have 3 SAs, each at a different store, and I'm quite loyal to them all within their store. They've all been very responsive in terms of returning calls and searching for items I'm looking for. They're all aware that I shop at other Hermes stores when I travel, but that hasn't seemed to hurt in terms of the service that they give me. Perhaps it just depends on the SA. :shrugs:
  4. 3 seems to be the magic number....
  5. I'm loyal to 2 stores, and I have one SA in each one that I work with. I started buying Hermes in Feb. 2006, and I went crazy in about 5 months' time, buying several bags, RTW pieces, and shoes. My SAs didn't suspect I was a reseller, and I actually slowed down a lot after that time period. They actually understood when I slowed down because I had bought so much in a short period.
  6. I work with three, too. Two at my 'home' store, and one in another location. I'm faithful.......
  7. Ditto--3 for me as well. 2 in one store, and one in the other who is my favorite.
  8. well I must be ho hum! I work with one and one only!

    mine is just REALLY good. I get what I want when I want it! its a small store so they are really nice.

    when I am there she doesn't look at anyone else...even if I am just poking around!

    but if I had one I didn't like I would want to find another.

    I think at Hermes...I expect the best of service, etc...they should have the best SA out there......you know?
  9. I'm really loyal to one store, although I work with a couple of SA's at other stores. I make my big purchases with the one SA and smaller purchases with the other two.
  10. Are we meant to be loyal?
    My local store SAs often say that different store carry different stuff.
    "Oh, we have not ordered that!" If they say they will try to search for me I'll sure wait for them but if they fail to do so, I will get it somewhere else if I happen to see.
  11. if i remember your SA is great, GG! letting you know about that brighton blue beauty! :love:

    good to see you over here as well! :nuts:
  12. Pampered, I like the idea of SA loyalty....if you find a really great one. But, my idea of a great SA is one who thinks of me and calls me if something comes in, who remembers what I'm looking for...who returns my calls or emails me. Some SAs just don't do these things.

    I feel that everyone likes personal attention from their SA....it keeps their clients coming back....in return the SA gets my loyalty.
  13. ^^^ I agree isus!!
  14. So far I have 2 SA's. One at my local boutique and in New York where I visit semi-regularly. When Scottsdale opens, I will find one in that store. So, yes, I think you have to be loyal to one SA in each store depending on how much you spend, I would think...If your SA isn't returning your calls or being responsive to your requests, maybe try a call or note telling her of your concern. If you're not satisfied, maybe the manager camn help you find a different SA. After all, the manager is concerned about the store's sales, and if your SA is costing him/her sales by being unreponsive, he/she would want to know and remedy the situation. Hope that long-winded response helps a little...:smile:
  15. OH my! I was about to post this very question sort of.........I started off with one SA and got nowhere. Moved to another, again nowhere. Ignored both .........then boycotted for a year. Went back in and hit it off with a new (to me) SA who I love and has been amazing and very very good to me but is VERY popular (i.e. busy and in demand)..........so sometimes I work with another who I also like AND i feel guilty. I even brought it up to both separately and they swore it was okay. My recent dilemma was that both have submitted orders for me...............I worry it will look bad but I didnt do it on purpose. both offered and I said yes of course..........