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Aug 13, 2014
I haven't seen any threads about the Dooney Loyalist program (Dooney.com and I Love Dooney).
After hesitating for a while, I finally signed up. I'm sorry I waited and let a lot of rebate
dollars get away. I thought I was done buying handbags for a while....:smile::smile::smile: I seem to be
buying just as many as last year. Just doing my part for the economy.

While the 'rewards' dollars aren't as high as
I wish they were.... with the number of handbags/accessories I buy, the rebates do add up.
And before I complete a new purchase I check to see how many dollars I can apply from my
Loyalist account. If the handbag was already on sale, then it's an extra little bonus to make
the price even better. If it's a pricey bag, then I can save up my points and use them to help
move the price down to a more acceptable level for me to buy (yet another handbag).
You just have to sign in and be sure to apply the Loyalist points on the right screen. It does
NOT happen automatically.

I'm treating the Loyalist rebates as a little extra bonus. I'm not obsessing about when the points
are added to the account or tracking the details as I do with other financial matters and bills.
Dooney already has my info from prior purchases, so I'm not giving them any additional info.

Is anyone else using the Loyalist program? What have your experiences been?


Apr 17, 2015
I was excited about the program when it was introduced but now...not so much. I have accumulated a hefty point balance, not that I was trying or keeping track. One day I was making a purchase and noticed the redemption drop down box. Yea! However, it maxed out at $30. Which is 10% for most Dooney. It is just that if I earned the rewards why can’t I use them ALL. I will never be able to use them all in one year by using $30 at a time. And Dooneypay does not apply when redeeming rewards. And do not get me started on the non existent double point promotions, just for you offers, exclusive events, and early access to product. I am guessing I will not see the annual gift with purchase either. It was a nice gesture.

It is nice you can use the rewards on sale items. So there’s a plus.
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Dec 12, 2013
I signed up this year prior to making three handbag purchases, but I have not tried to redeem any points. It seems pretty limited after LifeIsDucky provided extra info.

I have had my eye on a bag (my 3rd in this style). I hope it will get discounted for the holiday sale. I have been getting pretty cheap with my D&B purchases this year. If they have a sale and the price is 5% higher than the last time I purchase, I skip the sale until the price is as low as the last time I bought the bag.
Aug 13, 2014
G: you are right, we do have to watch the prices carefully.... as the sale price and discount
percent both change often. Sometimes the new price ends up a few dollars better and sometimes
a prior sale had a lower price. Often, after all the arithmetic, the final price is the same.
But, by changing things up, Dooney made us look again. And from a marketing perspective,
companies know that if you don't look.... you don't buy. So getting our interest and having us
check things out again is step 1.

And, while we are all different, I will admit that sometimes that second or third time is when I order
the handbag. The price may not be any better, but the timing is better for me..... or my will power
isn't as strong that day. :smile:

LID: I didn't realize there was a maximum you could apply on a single purchase. I've been using the points as they accumulate. It's only a small additional discount, but it helps cover the tax. (The tax can really add up and it annoys me.) And, while it would be nice to get a big chunk off an expensive bag (I thought I could, guess not), but using the points up I don't have to worry about keeping track or changes to the program rules.

So no, the Loyalist program has some flaws. But, I'll take any extra discount (that doesn't have
strings) to help me rationalize my handbag purchases. (BTW, the only person I have to explain
my handbag purchases to is myself. I don't trade off handbags against good financial planning and saving.
But I do admit to having more handbags than I need!) :smile::smile::smile::smile:

Good to share experiences and information. We all get smarter along the way.