Loyal dog guards owner for weeks after death

  1. No, you won't catch crap for me.

    Honestly and perhaps I should not state this, but there have been a few times that I was quite depressed but realized I had to rally at least for my dogs cause if I was not here I could not really trust DH to take care of them.
    BTT-that dog was grieving. How very sad.
  2. ITA. It is heartbreaking that he was in that type of emotional state, but I think it was horrible to bring the dog along...who knows what could have happened to him?!

    But my thoughts and prayers are with him and his whole family as they try to recover from this loss.

    How tragic
  3. I agree!!!
  4. that's really touching. somehow.. I don't think my pug would hang around for me.. lol
  5. I agree.
  6. ITA. I mourn for everyone in the family, including the father that committed suicide, but that definitely wasn't a very caring thing to do. That dog could have definitely died of starvation, dehydration, or the COYOTES. I'm amazed it was even able to survive that long, but I truly admire the dog.

    I'm a dog lover, and this kind of story is very touching, albeit tragic at the same time. :crybaby:I'm glad the wife and son can finally have closure. I can't imagine what it must be like not knowing where he was, I'm glad at least they know what happened instead of spending the rest of their lives wondering where he is and if he's still alive somewhere.
  7. What a touching story....
  8. My dog would do exactly the same. He is so loyal.
  9. That is selfish! Everyone has problems...most of us decide to work thru them, not commit suicide! At least it appears the better of the family members survived the ordeal...the dog!
  10. This is such a sad yet very heartwarming story.
  11. Heartbreaking. :sad:
  12. Wow....:crybaby:
  13. I wondered the same thing. If he was going to commit suicide, why bring the dog, knowing also that this dog is very close to his son? hmmmmm??? I'm glad that the dog is fine now after 6 weeks of not eating right.

  14. Dogs are so loyal. My dog follows us EVERYWHERE including the bathroom. She will literally lie down next to the toilet or the bath tub while you do your business...This story made me so sad because the dog just stayed with the body probably hoping that he will wake up or something.
  15. Awww, that made me teary eyed because it's so true. My dog follows me EVERYWHERE. More so than my brother or my dad, mainly because he knows I'm his mommy, I'm the one that takes him walking, and I'm the one that takes the most care of him.

    He follows me to the living room and just lies near by to keep an eye on me. He follows me to my room. Goes with me to the bathroom. He's like my shadow.

    It does make me sad that this man knew what he was going to do and still chose to bring along his dog, probably to comfort him and ease him before he committed suicide. That was extremely selfish, as he was basically killing them both. I'm so thankful the dog was found, as I'm sure the dog would have stayed with him until he himself died too.