Lowe's Paint Frustration

  1. So my DH and I moved into our home 5 years ago. We added on a wall and I am now trying to retouch up that wall. I ordered more of the Pale Gold 2 Paint - Flat Finish and it doesn't match! UGH! I'm on my 3rd can. I don't get it. Over the past few years I painted each room slowly with the same color, new can of paint each time, and no problems. And now with this last batch it's coming up somewhat shiny. I strictly ordered flat each time. Did they change the look of their flat paint? Has anyone else had this problem???:hysteric:
  2. If it is coming up shiny then to me it sounds like they might have gave you something other than flat It is hard to match paint up after a few years due to the way the color settles on the walls and is exposed to light, air and dirt. Does the can say flat base?
    It should say it on the can in the front flat latex paint. I guess you can go back with the paint cans and complain but it seems like it might be easier to paint the whole room fresh so everything matches. If you originally used a primer before the paint and then paint a wall without a primer you can get a color differrence too.
    Good luck.
  3. ^^ I agree. it might just be easier to repaint all the walls. i'm sure if you've been using the same color over the years the batch could possibly be slightly different.
  4. yea i might have to do that. UGH. Our bedroom is huge. I just hate the idea!!!