Lowes Coach Encounter - what a stitch!

  1. I was at Lowes yesterday doing some browsing/shopping after work. When I entered the store the security alarm went off. So, I went out again and in and everytime I crossed the threshold it sounded. The nice customer service guy (late 20's-ish) looked over the low wall at me - I'm saying I just walked in the store and I don't know what would set it off. Maybe something in my bag?? He takes one look and says - "is that a Coach?" - I smile, say yes, and he says "no problem, the tag must be hidden in it" I was carrying my Red Chelsea Multifunction Tote. I've got another in black. They're fabulous for work - will carry anything! I never would of thought I'd have a coach bag encounter in Lowes of all places! :lol:
  2. :lol: Funny, that must happen all the time since that guy knew all about it! Did you find a security tag in there?

    I find them randomly in my bags from the outlet.
  3. OMG! This happens to a friend of mine all the time! It doesn't happen at all stores only certain ones and someone also told her that it may be her Coach bag. We couldn't figure out for the longest time and just thought that she had something magnetic in her purse that would set it off. I will have to tell her about this.
  4. I had this happen with a pouch I had once! I kept setting off the alarm at Walmart of all places! I finally found it!
  5. So that explains why I always set off the alarms at Target when I walk in...
  6. Coach is good at hiding those little security tags. LOL!
  7. lol. That happens to me too! I get so ticked off because I feel singled out...and embarrassed and each time I am just coming into the store!
    I am going to check all my bags when I get home. This explains some things.
  8. That is HYSTERICAL! He's gonna be a great DH someday!
  9. Too funny!!! But kind of embarassing...a guy at Lowe's of all places to notice a Coach. I agree with Voodoo, he's going to be a great catch (unless his SO has already "trained" him...)
  10. thats funny....i had one today at finishline....the guy goes is that ur newest bag...i go no well ya..thanks for noticing....
  11. The customer service guy was so together about the whole thing - totally calm. He will make someone a good catch - cute too! ;) I finally found it in the little pen pocket. Emptied by bag totally out (too much stuff lol) - shook it upside down - nada - then went on the hunt until I found it wedged in the pocket. Don't need to be setting off more alarms! :amuse:
  12. ^^Good! We don't want that happening again!

    My Demi did that once and I just felt wierd, esp. since I had to go into that store again, because my mom wanted to get something.
  13. That is TOO funny! Was it the thin little white strip? I had this happen to me too at Macy's and Nordstrom and was so afraid I would be thought of as a thief!

    Hahha my Bf is realllllly trained on Coach bags and 7FAM and TR jeans. Yikes!!
  14. That explains me setting off the alarm at an Ann Taylor one day.