Lowered price for Speedys???

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  1. I noticed on the US website that the monogram, damier ebene, and damier azur speedys' prices are all lowered!!

    25 - $645
    30 - $665
    35 - $685
    40 - $705

    Although, the Tivoli increased by $30.

    I was expecting a price increase but definitely not a price decrease.

    This is good news :smile:
  2. Yes this happened in the UK I think about a few weeks ago. The problem that we face though, is that the speedys always seem to be out of stock.
  3. I noticed these price differences this morning on LV/USA --

    Mahina L -- 2,800 - now 2,990
    Leopard Stole -- 715 - now 735

    Bandeaus - 150 - now 135

    some sunglasses had lower prices
  4. Neverfull GM $725
    Artsy GM $1680
  5. now if only the damier speedy or neverfull gm would come back in stock!!
  6. Nice!
    Now i'm gonna be stalking the LV website all the time :P
  7. What was the price for the speedy before?
  8. The 30 was like 665 and the 35 was 685 or something like that
  9. they even lowered the price of the neverfull so for like months people thought that they were going to raise the price and all along they lowered it. kinda werid
  10. Hmmm... where do you live? I just bought the Speedy 35 for $715 here in the states.
  11. On the LV/USA site, some prices lowered, some increased...
  12. ^^Thanks, I just took a look. I just bought mine 4 days ago...figures:sad:
  13. Hm...I don't know about that? I ordered my Mon Mono Speedy 30 three days ago and it was at its normal price of $970...
  14. Some prices were lowered and some were raised
  15. I bought my Speedy 35 about 2 and a half weeks ago for $715. Too bad they don't do price adjustments. I was trying to buy a Vernis agenda yesterday, but could never get my SA on the phone. Now it's $35 more. The manager said they were suppose to postpone the price increases. I guess they changed their mind. The Mono Speedy 35 is cheaper; too bad I can't find one. Lol!