Lower prices on the website and more PCE cards being sent out, is Coach in trouble?

  1. Hi everyone-

    Okay, several were suspicious about Coach's bottom line in Nov. when they sent out "PCE" cards to those who had never if ever shopped in a boutique. Then we were shocked when twice this year they extended the normal PCE cards past the deadline and now there are the new cards good until the 29th (which one of my friends was kind enough to give me again).

    NOW I see in another post that there are actually LOWER prices on the website. Of course none of the bags I like are cheaper (HEY give a girl a break on a Lily!), but the small Bleecker leather hobo is down to $174 from ($249?) which I like but could never carry.

    Why do you think we are seeing these bargains? I mean even Gucci has sale merchandise online, but Coach has never in the 6 years I have been buying.
  2. Could it be that they are just trying to get extra inventory out so that they can bring in the new spring merchandise? I haven't been shopping the coach boutiques for very long (we just got one that is close) but maybe they've got too much stuff in inventory! Im not sure though... just trying to be optimistic! :shrugs::smile:
  3. Maybe Pinkie is right, just trying to clear out for the new year/new merchandise? Its still strange though. And judging from the way my Coach store is ALWAYS packed I cant believe sales are down THAT much!
  4. I havent seen them lower prices like this, but I think some of the higher priced items may not be selling as well and maybe the bleecker line isn't that popular so maybe they are trying to entice buyers.. I think the new prices are better for those smaller bags..

    and they dropped the med sig ergo hobo to $188!!!
  5. Geez, we should have all the new lowered prices posted so we can shop!!

    Maybe even start a new thread for it??
  6. wow i've never actually seen them lower prices on the website, so that's pretty cool!
  7. No wonder my military exchanges lowered their prices on those bags. I was shocked to see the ergo hobo going on sale. I had to do a price adjustment when I saw that.
  8. I was just at my macys and they have alot of the Signature bags at 30% off .
  9. All retail sales are down. I'm sure they're trying to meet numbers.
    I guess they're giving up on "upscaling" Coach by raising prices. Are prices down that much or just back to what they were before they started raising them? (I've only been into Coach for a year now but I remember people talking about price increases.)
  10. Well you can still get the basic bags for just under $300 which is what they were when I first started buying. I didn't notice any increases, I am just buying the bigger/more expensive bags now.

    Has there been an increase in prices?
  11. I realize this is a much more drastic cut to a much larger selection of merchandise, but even LV dropped prices a while back (though only on two items that I know of, the BV and BH).

    I am guessing retail sales are tough all around this year. They are probably trying to make numbers. With some analysts whispering about a recession looming, I would bet that luxury spending will be going down (though that hasn't happened yet).
  12. I've been reading about other luxury things not being as popular - breast implants and other cosmetic procedures have seen a down turn. I haven't been BUYING coach for very long but have been a huge lurker and visited boutiques often but never bought, this seems very different than just 'moving' merchandise.
  13. Well, with all the low prices and discounts, I'm not really complaining! :biggrin: :p :graucho:

    But I hope they aren't in trouble...I love Coach too much to see them go down!
  14. Mine too ! I just went and made a payment on my card and they had the med. ergo hobos 30% off and some patent leather lunch tote ( idk if that is what it is called ) the same off, and alot of the smaller bags 25% off . . . they were soooo busy, everyone was buying them . . . my question is are the med. ergos in the store $188, and then can we use our PCE card w/ that ? :shrugs:
  15. ^^yup, i did. got a chocolate one for $141...