Lower end designer bag sub-forum

  1. Piggybacking on another thread (prada miu miu suggestion)...is there anyone who would be interested in a thread for somewhat lower-end bags...i.e. Coach, Kate Spade, Burberry, etc. I'm sure we all have a couple of these in our closets alongside the higher-end bags :smile:
  2. Yes! :lol:
  3. DEFINATELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have been Praying for a COACH forum but havent said anything. I think it would be great if there were a place for "Brand Name" bags. These are more my price range and if they were all included in one, I may learn about more brands.
  4. Definitely! I don't see myself EVER getting a Chanel or Marc jacobs or LV, etc.. unless i got some absolutely incredible deal on a used one.

    So-a forum like this would be great! Who do we ask?
  5. I just got into coach recently. I only used LV bags for the past 2 years and ventured out to balenciaga last summer. But I started a new school and moved away from my very fashion-elitist town, and moved to upstate new york close to the university. Coach is the only designer around here - and that's considered the "rich kids" bag. And you know how it goes, the more you see a bag the more you like it? So my birthday was in April and so I decided I wanted a large coach hobo (I looove the braided strap and slouchy look) so my parents got me the brown one and my brother got me the black one and bought a cute coach keychain to attach to it. They also got me the pink/brown ipod nano case! LOL So overnight I aquired a whole Coach collection! Now I find myself using my large coach hobos everyday because they're the most durable! I bring them to class, they have TONS of room, the shoulder straps are so comfy, and they're water proof! Kinda makes me wonder why I have all these $600.00 plus bags when my $300.00 Coach's are just fabulous.

    Sorry for the rant - but I definitely think we need a subforum :smile:
  6. I'm very much interested as well!!!
  7. Pretty please Vlad? :biggrin:
  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that idea! My idea of high fashion definitely included a reasonable price tag - let's talk about those!!!!
  9. I would love a forum like that...hopefully it will happen!! Please Vlad
  10. I vote for one to! There are some really nice bags in that price range as well that we might need to discuss! :smile:
  11. YAAA I'm so glad there are others who like the idea.....Vlad...Megs...any possibility of this possibly happening??!!??

    BTW....I just got a Coach medium Hamptons tote....dang I love it! It's perfect for school when I don't need to lug the whole backpack...plus I can take it in the rain, whereas with my LV and others I'm afraid of water stains.
    Don't get me wrong...I LOVE the high-end bags...but I also love to outlet shop and only Coach and Burberry have outlets where I'm at....so I'm likely to snag one of them while saving for my new Balenciaga or MJ bag.

    pretty please Vlad....lol
  12. I like coach and a few other lower priced bags too. Some styles from Colehaan, Kenneth Cole, etc. do look great and don't break the bank. I call them my guiltless purchase!
  13. lol...I agree with you. Sometimes spending $200 on one of those will tie me over until I can afford the LV or other high end bag :smile:
  14. [Raises both hands!]

    COACH please :shame: Possibly Burberry?
  15. YES, YES, YES!!!! Please?