Lowdown on buying Bottegas please?

  1. I understand that BV has sales around this time of year? Is that just the flagship stores? Do all styles go on sale?

    Also, what's the Saks event that read about? Is that online or just the stores? And again... all styles?

    I'm a Bottega newbie, and thinking of my first one, so... Thanks in advance.
  2. I'm pretty sure the sales are at all BV boutiques in Dec or Jan. As far as styles, I'm not sure; I know it's usually it's the seasonal colors that go on sale unless it is a popular color. I foresee this season it will be the green and coral colors that go on sale; the red and iron colors are too popular. I would call a boutique closer to December and they can give you a rundown of colors and styles going on sale.

    Not too sure about the Saks event, even though I've been shopping there for years! My Saks doesn't carry BV on the floor so I'd be surprised if any of their BV (2 bags hidden in the back stock room, only one SA knows they are actually there) will go on sale!

    so, cuteusername, which BV are you eyeing??? We are here to help!
  3. I'm actually thinking of a green large veneta. I believe BV makes a green I don't have in my obsessive green collection - a sagey green? Doesn't seem very popular here. I already have enough browns and blacks, though!
  4. Nice choice! Definitely more of a muted green; hope it will be on sale!