Low-Sugar Dried Fruits... Healthy?

  1. Hi ladies,

    I bought some dried mango and pinapple that are "low sugar" at my local health food stores. I'm wondering just how healthy (or not healthy) dried fruit is.
  2. Found my answer:

    Dried fruit can be made part of a healthy diet. Remember that dried fruit is more calorie-dense than fresh fruit due to the drying (more concentrated) and often has added sugar. If you are trying to restrict your calories so as to lose weight, you need to moderate your intake. Because of the high fibre content of dried fruit, it is well known that it promotes bowel action. If you are experiencing diarrhoea because of your dried fruit intake, it is an indication to cut down to a level where bowel movements become regular again.
  3. Dried fruit is really good! I have a food dehydrator and I use that so there are no added sugars or processing. I am sure you can buy some that is just the fruit- nothing added, I have found that before
  4. I'm sure it's not bad in moderation, and it's super yummy :]
  5. Ohhh you're making me hungry now :lol:
  6. Most dried fruit purchased in a store is packed with added sugar. Although it is convenient and tastes good it should be eaten in moderation. You are much better off eating fresh fruit and stay away from fruit juices as well!